Martin Žužek Kres, an anthropologist, subconsciously addicted by the Tergeste region: "Through spirit blends, I would like to write down chapters of the story a Tergeste region tells us."


Different DTGs are like chapters in a book, each inspired by the literature and lives people created and lived there.


DTG & Caskas are inspired by the life and words of Mr Julius Kugy, once a known Trieste coffee trader, a botanist of the Karst plateau, and a mountain explorer, who never made an alpine excursion without a Brinjevec in his pocket.


The #DuinoElegyDTG is inspired by the poetry of Reiner Maria Rilke, who was poetically inspired by the land near the Duino Castle which belongs to Tergeste region.


Krucefix is a unique handcrafted distillery. The whole Krucefix range is 100% natural products without any chemical preservatives, artificial colors or emulsifiers. Distillates contain only quality alcohol fermented entirely from the tree, plant or fruit used.

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MIXED with

Since one of the appealing points of difference of Dry Tergeste Gin is a blend of juniper & coffee cherry aromas, we found a perfect companion in the Thomas Henry Coffee Tonic Water.

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